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Duo Kratschkowski - Photos and Videos
Press photo and Video

The images on the right hand side can be used free of charge in all media (print and online). You can download the images directly from this page by clicking on the selected image.

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You'll find videos from our concerts, events and TV shows on the left and below. Further videos are availabel on our YouTube-channel.

If you have any special requests, please contact us by mail or phone +49 176 621 13776.

The video above and below are from a concert in the Societaetstheater in Dresden 2008. The programme from this evening is below, you can here listen to parts of the Gogol-Suite composed by A. Schnittke. Further parts of the concert are available on our YouTube Channel.

1. Teil
A.Schnittke “Gogol-Suite”
“Tschitschikows Kindheit”
"Das Portrait"
"Der Mantel"
"Die Bürokraten"
"Ball" aus den "Toten Seelen"

2. Teil   
Y. Powolotski “Suite „Babeliana“ in 4 Sätze
Der schöne Sänger
König von Moldawien
Das alte Odessa
„Der Fidler auf dem Dach“ J. Bock/ arr. B. Weksler
“Klezmer Medley” arr. B. Weksler
“Hava Nagila“ arr. B. Weksler
The video above is from a concert 2005 in Kfar Blum, which was taped by israeli television. You can hear parts of the following programme:

”Songs and dances of russien gipsy” (arr. B.Veksler)
R. Galliano „Margo’s Valtz“
W.Subitzki „Devoted to Astor Piazzolla”
„Oj, da ti, kalinuschka“ (arr. I. Panitzki)
A.Chatschaturjan  „Dance of sabres“
„Ej, uchnjem“(arr. Chernikov)
D.Holm „Clarnetpolka“
„The Lark“(arr. G.Diniku)
W.Monti “Csardas”(arr. I.Jashkevich)
W.A.Mozart-A.Volodosj “Turkish Marche”
„ Moldovian Sketches“ (Comp. B.Veksler)
„Pollkis“(arr. A.Sidorov)
J.Bock „Der Fiedler on the Roof“(arr. B.Veksler)
A.Fossen „ Merry go-round“

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