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Das Duo Kratschkowski - Events und Feierlichkeiten

Two Accordions.
No more.
No less.

The two brilliant award-winning russian musiscians are magically performing the whole mucial world with their accordions:

Russian romances and yiddish Klezmer, classical compositions of Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and all the way to Chatschaturian as well as contemporary music composed by Schnittke, french chansons, Piazzolla's Tango, gypsy music and much more...

Great imagination, thrilling joy and a performance with a twinkle in their eyes self-mockingly, but with great perfection make their play magic. They are able to thrill with the incredible sound of their accordions.
You can book us for concerts and events, where we can play dance music, world music or classical music or a combination of it all. We perform selected programmes at conferences, sponsorship events, birthday, wedding and more.

We are available pure as accordion duo or - especially if you would like us to perform dance music - in cooperation with a drummer. We do - among others - play walz, tango, polka, bossa nova and many more dances.

Please contact us for further information.
R. Galliano
"Waltz Margo"

Concierto Sagrado
with drums / experimental

V. Ushakov
"Thrush Polka"

A. Piazzolla

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