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Duo Kratschkowski - Classic

Duo Kratschkowski - Classics Samples

Fragmente: A. Vivaldi "Frühling" 3 Satz     
А. Вивальди "Весна" 3 часть

A. Vivaldi "Frühling" 2 Satz,
А. Вивальди "Весна" 2 часть

 A. Vivaldi "Sommer" 3 Satz,
 А. Вивальди "Лето" 3 часть

A. Schnittke "Der Mantel",
 A. Шнитке "Шинель"

J.S. Bach "Toccata" dorisch,
 И.С. Бах „Токката" дорическая

J.S. Bach "Brandenburg Konzert" G-Dur, 3 Satz,
И.С. Бах "Бранденбургский концерт" №3, 3 часть

R. Lischka "Aufmunterung",
Р. Лишка "Ободрение"

J.S. Bach "Aria" aus "Goldbergvariationen", И.С. Бах "Ария из гольдбергвариаций"

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The dorian Toccata of the Thomaskantor in Leipzig, composed for organ, performed on two accordions - does this work? It does!

In a musical segmentation and an interplay, which leaves space to make grimaces, the two musicians showed a superb performance for all their composers with loads of charme, verve and an incredible charisma. The joy of play, which was obviously performed without the score in front of them, was instantly shared with the audience. No cold perfection and definitly no pure routine; these brilliant musicians served the music with strong effects and a twinkle in their eyes... 

written by Barbara Kaiser                          

Video: J. S. Bach “Toccata “ (dorisch)

This video shows a part of our concert in Lutterbecker/Lutterbeck 2011. There we did not only play Bach's Toccato, which you can see and listen to from the video, but the following programme:

1. part
 J. S. Bach “Toccata “ (dorisch)
A. Vivaldi „Frühling“ und “Winter“ aus „Die vier Jahreszeiten“
A. Piazzolla „Winter“ und „Frühling“
A. Piazzolla „Libertango“
W. Subitzki „Widmung an A.Piazzolla“
Zugabe: A. Chatschaturjan „Säbeltanz“

2. part
W. Gridin „Die lustige Melodien“
„Oj, da ti, kalinuschka“  arr. I.Panitzki
W. Gridin „Rassipucha“
Y. Kukusenko „Es war einmal ein Ziecklein bei einer Oma“ 
„Der Fidler auf dem Dach“ J. Bock/ arr. B. Weksler Fidler on the Roof
R. Kratschkowski „Klezmer Potpourri”
W. Monti – I. Jaschkewitsch „Tschardasch”
D. Holm „Klarinetten Polka“
„Improvisation auf russische Volkslieder“
A. Fossen „Karussell“



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